Spanish & latino band
Embark on a musical journey to Spain and Latin America together with “LOS NENS”

The music band “Los Nens” (previously known as “Los Daugavas Nens”)  came together in 2010 and plays only authentic Spanish and Latino music. The band’s  leading vocal ir a real Spaniard – Javier Fernandez Cruz from Madrid who has a vibrant voice and he speaks perfectly Latvian, since he lives in Latvia already for 12 years.

The band “Los Nens” plays authentic songs in Spanish which will bring you on a musical journey to Spain and Latin America – you will hear rumba-flamenco rhythms, sounds of Spanish folk, as well as Mexican bolero, charming melodies of Argentine tango and, of course, Afro drums and hot Cuban music – the famous songs by Buena Vista Social Club and more traditional Cuban songs in modern interpretation. Additionally, it is possible to combine our performance with passionate Afro drum show and performance by Cuban or flamenco dancers.

The sound of “Los Nens” is formed by different musical instruments:

  • Spanish guitar
  • Bass
  • Trumpet, trombone
  • Drums or zen drum
  • Cajón drums and percurssion characteristic for Latino music (congo and bongo drums, timbales, claves)

Check out the sound of “Los Nens” in different instrumental combinations in the audio or video section.

“Los Nens” regularly plays at private and corporate events, municipality celebrations around Latvia, has performed at different festivals such as “Bildes2014” and “Bildes2015”, “Days of Spanish Cutlure” at Kalnciema Quarter, “Origo Summer Stage 2015”. The group has published its demo CD in Spanish “Cartas de costa a costa”, it has participated in the recording of folk music selection “Sviests V” with a Latvian folk song “Kas kaitēja nedienēt” (in rumba-flamenco arrangement). The band has also published its single “Distancia” featuring the famous jazz saxophonist Deniss Paskevics and has recorded the world known song “Besame mucho” in Latvian with the legendary Latvian singer Ieva Akuratere, which can be heard on Latvian Radio 2. You can take a glimpse of our concerts in the photo gallery.

The band is available in different instrumental combinations depending on the needs of your event. 

Contact us and let's embark on a musical journey to Spain and Latin America together!